Forensic Science Week

Forensic Science was the theme explored by students from Saint Paul’s who recently took part in a Forensic Science Week, a celebration of science, engineering, maths and technology.

The objective of Year 7 Forensics week is to link some of the practical skills which they learned in their first half term to the ‘real world’ and potential careers they could pursue.

The Year 7 students had the opportunity to be Crime Scene Investigators during the week full of activities.

The objective of Forensics Week was to link some of the practical skills that the students had learned in their classes to the ‘real world’ and potential careers they could pursue.

There were also activities that focused on the diversity of knowledge, through to STEM careers and subjects.

The students were given a ‘real’ crime to investigate and evidence to analyse in order to present a case against the suspects. The scenario was that the suspects were caught speeding away from the bank, which had just been robbed. The students had to analyse fingerprints, ink and blood as evidence.

Ms Charlotte Dewhurst, Science teacher, said: “The week’s programme aimed to inspire the next generation of scientists with fun and participative activities. The activities highlighted how science relates to our everyday lives. The pupils learnt about taking samples, fingerprints and DNA to use as evidence and also about the role of the forensic scientists and Crime Scene Investigators.”

Ms Dewhurst added: “There were lots of exciting activities happening throughout our school. We are very keen to inspire and engage the students in the wonder and excitement of Science.”