A visit from the Rabbi

We were delighted that our Year 11 students had the opportunity to listen and learn first hand from Rabbi Zevi Katz about his daily life as an Orthodox Jew.

Rabbi Katz visited Saint Paul’s and spoke with all of Year 11, he was able to give them a fascinating insight into what life is like being a practising Orthodox Jew in Greater Manchester.

The students had the opportunity to ask Rabbi Katz lots of questions surrounding his faith and religious practise, which he was very happy to answer. We hope that these discussions will help them in their upcoming Religious Education exams where they will be focusing on Judaism.

We look forward to continuing our interfaith partnership with Rabbi Katz and are excited to develop further our relationship with other faiths in our community.

A big thank you to Rabbi Katz for spending his time with us and allowing our students to ask him questions regarding his faith.