British Science Week – Daily Update

Science is all around us every day and there are lots of ways we can engage and celebrate the role that science plays in all our lives. And with the backdrop of a global pandemic, now it is more important than ever that we embrace and explore it.

The theme for the 2021 British Science Week is ‘Innovating for the future’.

To download Monday’s Science Newsletter click here – Monday 8th March science newsletter

Before February half term students were issued a project that focused on an area of Corona virus. The judging has now taken place by the Science department, there were some incredible entries, and the winners have been selected – we are delighted to announce that the Year 7 winner is Crisitiano!







Each winner will receive an Amazon voucher.


Every day this week a Science daily newsletter will be published, containing a year winner of the project, some Science facts, Science career of the day, a Science puzzle and riddle. There will be little treats for those that get the answers first.
Students will also receive quizzes to take home and try with their families, also within the Science newsletters are mini experiments that the students can try at home with their families and they are encouraged to take pictures to show their Science teachers.