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Saint Paul’s recognises the benefits that come through technology and the way that it can enhance learning so are working to ensure that students get the most from it by encouraging responsible online behavior.

Pupils complete an interactive e-safety survey and undertake a short course of lessons focused on e-safety. 

The sessions focus on the emerging technologies used by children and advice was provided on e-Safety, preventing and dealing with cyber-bullying and the software available which can increase Internet security at home.


Update “Blue Whale Challenge”

We have been made aware of an internet ‘game’ called the ‘Blue Whale’ challenge which has led to the deaths of several young people globally. The focus of the ‘game’ is to put young people at a high degree of risk and the final ‘challenge’ is suicide. In the north of the city it has been reported that some young people have begun to get wrapped up in this deadly game. When monitoring your child’s internet usage please could you check that this, or any other, dangerous site is not being accessed. If you are worried about your child’s well-being please contact their Progress Leader, who will be happy to provide information about support.


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