Examining the Micro Climate

After learning about the weather and the climate in their Geography lessons, students were inspired to investigate the microclimate of the school.

In their lessons, the students examined the factors that can influence microclimates and then undertook fieldwork within the school grounds to prove this. Students later said that this was their favourite lesson of the year.

Miss Helen Allsopp, Head of Geography, said: “The pupils went to three different locations within the school grounds and measured temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and aspect. The students found this to be a hugely fun activity.”

“Their findings have since been written up as a mini-project where pupils have drawn graphs to display their data, analysed the data they gathered and explained why the school has its unique microclimate. It was a great hands on approach so the pupils especially enjoyed those Geography lessons and learnt a great deal about the microclimate of their environment.”

“The students applied a great deal of time and effort to complete their microclimate tasks,” commented Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher. “We were all very impressed by their projects where they had gathered, interpreted and presented their geographical data.”