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PSHE and Social Action

Citizenship at Saint Paul’s

The study of Citizenship in Key Stage three is aimed at informing pupils about events in the media and world affairs and shaping them into responsible citizens. The pupils receive one hour a week of Citizenship studies and within this time also receive Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE).

Year 7

In Year 7 the pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of diversity and identity supported by a topic on Rights and Responsibilities. In these topics the pupils learn about their local community, and difficulties faced in creating a cohesive community they also examine our diverse culture and the positive aspects for our country. Finally they discuss their role and responsibilities in school and within the community. To support these areas of education the pupils will look at Global Citizenship and discuss their role as a citizen of the world. Alongside this the pupils in year 7 take part in the TEA programme.

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Year 8

In Year 8 the pupils study topics covering crime, the media and financial management. The pupils will study reasons for youth crime and the consequences of this. The pupils will also discuss the role of the media in society and how it affects us and our actions. The pupils will also have an opportunity to manage budgets, understand banking terms and how to manage a bank account or saving account. They will then go onto discuss careers that they feel would best suit them.

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Year 9

In Year 9 the pupils will, alongside PHSE, study a Citizenship programme which concentrates on world affairs. The pupils will study local government and the role of local MPs and councils, the pupils will build on this and go onto study national government and politics, discussing the election process and how the country is managed. Finally the pupils will look at Britain and the world, focusing on the Commonwealth and the European Union.

We hope to also introduce a ‘news week’ whereby the pupils will have regular lessons on important issues in the news and help pupils form their own opinion on these issues.

The pupils are assessed half termly after each topic and given feedback to help them to develop their literacy skills, but also their ability to discuss a point of view and debate an issue of interest. The pupils are heavily supported in their literacy through use of clear pupil friendly syllabus sheets and literacy mats.

In all topics the pupils have clear objectives and outcomes displayed to help them progress during each lesson. We generally find the pupils love this topic as we often discuss issues in the news or from the local area which is of interest to them and supports them for when they leave school.

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Year 10 and Year 11 PHSE 

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