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Art and Design

Art and Design


Miss Coyle (Head of Department)

Course Outline

GCSE Art & Design (Unendorsed) General description / Suitability: Unendorsed means a general art course covering a variety of different art experiences. Students must produce course work in at least 2 –3 different areas of art. Usually these are Drawing, Painting and other 2D work, Graphic Design, and Sculpture/ 3D work.

This non-specialised course will suit students of all abilities.

Course Structure:

Students will produce course work throughout Y9 – Y 11.

The minimum amount of work is 2 assignments and the maximum is 4 assignments. A vital part of the course is the work students do in their preparatory work to support the finished art work. These have to be well presented and well kept.

Students will also be expected to study a wide range of art works by different artists and makers from different times, places and cultures. This research is very important as it will influence the practical work.


Unit 1 Portfolio of work 96 marks
Controlled Assessment – set and marked by centre and moderated by AQA.
Candidate portfolio selected from work undertaken during course of study and must
include more than one project.
Coursework 60% of final mark

Unit 2 Externally set task 96 marks
Question papers issued from 1 January. Marked by centre and moderated by AQA.
Unlimited preparation time. 10 hours of sustained focused study.
Candidates respond to their chosen starting point. Easter Exam 40% of final mark

Higher Education Courses/Careers

Sixth Form: GCE, Diploma, Foundation Certificate in a wide range of disciplines.

Art can be studied with a wide variety of other subjects at University.

Art GCSE allows students to access a multitude of careers opportunities ranging from Artist to Teacher of Art, Set Designer, Fashion Designer and so on.

* All qualifications are subject to change following consideration of any new specifications.

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