Intensive swimming lessons for older children


My name is Callum and I am the aquatics officer at the Manchester Aquatics Centre on Oxford Road.

It has recently came to my attention after looking at some statistics that there are many children in high schools today that have not yet achieved 25 metres in a swimming pool. As you are aware children undertake swimming lessons in year 4 of primary school and take part for a duration of or around 38 weeks. within this time frame they are required build up to passing a criteria which involves things such as recognised stroke and 25 metres on their front and back. Not all children pass this and end up progressing into high school without the ability to swim comfortably in water. I think you may agree with me when I say that swimming is a life skill and we at the Manchester Aquatics Centre want to provide your children with the opportunity to learn, this is the reason I am contacting you today.

During the 2 week Easter Holidays I plan to hold an intensive course for children between the ages of 11-16. The course will take place at the same time every day for 30 minutes from the 15th of April 2019 to the 19th of April 2019 and will aim to increase water confidence and swimming ability. The course will cost £10 per child and it may be worth noting that during the week due to it being the holidays the children will also receive free swimming.

We aim to provide the most comfortable environment for your students to learn in and I understand that within this age group children may find it difficult and uncomfortable to take part in swimming lessons, for this reason the course will be held downstairs in our underground training pool where the GB para team train, this will be away from the public and their peers.

If this is something your school would be interested in please let me know and I will put together some information leaflets that can be handed out to inform students and parents of this opportunity.

I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards

Callum Haslam
Aquatics Officer
Manchester Aquatics Centre
GLL (Greenwich Leisure Limited)<>

For further details contact¬†[email protected]