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Raising Achievement

We are constantly updating our practices in order to achieve the best outcomes for the students at Saint Paul’s.

We have used a variety of Raising Achievement Programmes at Saint Paul’s and we have introduced a Key Marginal Event for Year 11. Selected students will be assembled from a range of subjects across the school and invited into school to have conversations and provide support for these students who are currently appearing under their individual targets. Parents will be encouraged to book appointments similar to the Parents’ Evenings in order to preserve time slots with the relevant members of staff.

There are a variety of Revision Clubs taking place at Saint Paul’s after school and during the holidays.

The innovative programme helps students to recognise and then realise their academic potential; it develops the confidence and skills essential for success at school, and beyond. Students are helped to reach their full potential by introducing intervention strategies such as mentoring.

The school found that the programme was successful last year with improved learning, motivation and engagement leading to a number of very positive outcomes for its students. Several students joined the programme who had been predicted to achieve poor GCSE results but, via the programme, and working with the students’ parents, those students achieved much improved results.

Mr Mike Whiteside, Deputy Headteacher, explains: “At Saint Paul’s we have a very strong and caring ethos and commitment to the students from all staff, coupled with a genuine desire to achieve the very best for our children. With the Raising Achievement Programme we recognize and celebrate the students’ achievements and this positive climate, in turn, makes them want to attain.”