Restoring the historical heritage of our woodlands

Pupils from Saint Paul’s recently took part in the Woodland Futures Project. The group of Year 7 students enjoyed working on the project which aims to restore the heritage of historic woodlands in Wythenshawe.

The project explores the unique heritage of the woodlands which are relics of the major rural estates, Tatton and Massey, which dominated the landscape from the 13th to the 19th century.

“The trees in The Brundritt are all of a similar age,” explained Miss Helen Jones, Teaching Assistant at Saint Paul’s. “The students were able to learn not only about the woods but also about planting new trees to help ensure the woods have replacement stock as older trees die over time.”

“The students really enjoyed working on the project and will take part in a further four sessions where they will plant wild flowers, create wildlife corridors and make wood-chipped paths amongst other things,” added Helen.

“This is a fantastic project for our pupils to become involved with,” commented Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “The project celebrates our natural heritage, the biodiversity, the flora and fauna of the woodlands, as well as the social heritage, exploring links to the garden city movement. I think their involvement will be very beneficial to them as well as to the local community.”