Saint Paul’s Celebrate the Year 10 Brilliant Club’s Incredible Achievements

During the Autumn Term of 2019/20, a cohort of Year 10 students from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School were given an incredible opportunity to study a module at degree level, on the Scholar’s Programme through The Brilliant Club.

They attended their graduation ceremony at the University of Manchester to receive their awards accompanied by their families.

Miss Hitchen said, “It has been an amazing process with our students tenaciously working hard and striving for excellence; of which they were accordingly rewarded. A special thanks to their families who have supported their children with this momentous achievement”.







Mr Welsby added: “This really is a remarkable achievement, we are extremely proud of those students who took part in the project. They enjoyed the work and showed so much enthusiasm for each topic.”







“The Graduation Ceremony was an exciting and prestigious event marking their remarkable achievements,” commented Mr Hren, Head Teacher. “The course was designed to give the students a real experience of university level work. Their positive attitude was extremely useful in helping them to achieve their best and truly benefit from the experience.”