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If my son/daughter brings a bike into school, will it be stored safely?

Lots of pupils come to school on bikes, and they are locked away throughout the day in our purpose-built bike shed that is monitored by CCTV and by our Security Guard.

Are there lockers for pupils to use?

Yes we have pupils lockers to rent.  The rental cost is £15.

Can my child bring their mobile phone into school?

Pupils are welcome to bring phones for safety purposes while travelling to or from school, but while in school they must be turned off or out of sight otherwise they will be confiscated.

Can my son/daughter bring their own drinks into school?

It really depends what the drink is.  We encourage pupils to drink water while in school, and all pupils are provided with a St Paul’s water bottle.  Any fizzy drinks or high energy drinks are banned.

How much does a school lunch cost?

About £2.50 unless they qualify for a Free School Meal.

What happens if my son/daughter is ill at school?

The Head of Year will decide when it is necessary to contact home.  Often, some fresh air and a bit of time is all that is needed.  Other times, parents will be contacted and pupils sent home.