Schools Come Together for MiniDASH

Students from Saint Paul’s joined with students from other schools in the Diocese to take part in the Mini DASH (Diocesan Association of Secondary Head teachers) meeting which is organised by the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

The meeting is for Head Teachers and a selection of students also attend to meet with students from other Catholic schools and take part in various activities related to their faith.

The meeting for the students is held at the same time as the secondary head teachers of the Diocese of Shrewsbury meet together. Students were able to share and discuss a wide variety of ideas and suggestions and were encouraged to take the ideas back to their own schools, passing them on and developing them.

Harrison Kilburn, Chaplain at Saint Paul’s, commented: “Mr Whiteside and I took five students, who are part of the schools Youth SVP group, to Chester where they participated in a Diocese wide school event. This was our first in person Mini DASH event for over two years, as we have had to break due to Covid, which made the event extra special.

Our schools had the opportunity to celebrate Mass with our Bishop, Bishop Mark, which also added to the excitement of the day. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and look forward to the events that will take place next year.

The students had the opportunity to mix with other students within our Diocese which we have missed with Covid. The students were able to properly experience meeting others from around the Shrewsbury Diocese which was really good to see, and they loved every second of it!”

“At the Mini DASH the students engaged in themed collaborative activities and then fed-back what they had discussed and learned to the heads,” explained Mr Mike Whiteside, Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “The day was extremely uplifting and it was an excellent opportunity for the students to mix with students from different schools. The students were able to get together and share their thoughts and ideas. “