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Overview of Learning & Teaching

At St Paul’s Catholic High School, we believe that the most effective way to implement and monitor the quality of teaching is whether it leads, over time, to successful learning and progress.

We want our own knowledge, research and experience to inform ‘what works’ in our context, and to equip our teachers with the professional confidence to continually evaluate, refine and develop their own practice but within a common learning policy that is clear, consistent in its expectations and developmental rather than restrictive.

At St Paul’s, we have a Quality-First Teaching approach. Put very simply, this means that the fundamental responsibility for closing students’ knowledge gaps and securing good progress for all individuals lies with the teacher in the classroom. Different students at different times may, for a variety of reasons, access additional support and/or interventions which take place on top of this, but this should never detract from or replace the quality of teaching in the classroom as we accept this is the single greatest factor in the progress any student makes.

In order to ensure the whole school consistency of expectations, we have St Paul’s Operating Procedures for all teachers. Our intent is driven through the Assess-Plan-Teach-Repeat cycle. This should be applied at all scales, from the minute-by-minute (e.g. the principles of formative assessment) to the term-by-term (e.g. implementing a new scheme of learning). The evaluation of our intent and implementation is evidenced through internal quality assurance cycles that are calendared over the course of an academic year.

All classrooms have a Teaching and Learning pledge displayed on their doors as a formal acknowledgement of the commitment we have towards each student in each lesson.

Through applying to our internal policies and national expectations, we aim to:

  • Raise standards of teaching and learning across the school, always aspiring to be Outstanding.
  • Raise students’ aspirations by equipping them with the thinking and learning skills necessary for success.
  • Promote a consistency of approach to learning across the school.

For further information about the curriculum, please contact:
Mrs Charlotte Cooper, Assistant Headteacher, email tel 0161 499 0000