Year 7 Retreat Days

Our year 7 students had the opportunity this July to participate in retreat day activities at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre. The events, which took place on 04/07/2022 and 06/07/2022, were a huge success with the students enjoying fun and games as a bonding retreat and a celebration of a successful first year at St Paul’s.

The students had to work collaboratively to build free standing structures out of toothpicks and sweets, which tested their abilities to work collaboratively as a team.

We then finished off our day with prayer and reflection time. We focused our reflection on the Gospel, and in particular the parable of Good Samaritan, which Jesus taught in order to show that we should help all, and not let our prejudices get in the way of being helpful to those in need.

Harrison Kilburn comments: The children really enjoyed their day at the lifestyle centre and I believe that it helped them to recognise that we are better when we are working together.