A Celebration of Reading

We are very keen to encourage reading and the joy of books at Saint Paul’s.

We have some extremely avid readers including the pupils listed below, who were recently rewarded by the English Department in recognition of their dedication to reading.

As part of or reading celebrations, we rewarded all students who have read more than a million words. They received a certificate, a badge, an Amazon voucher and a permanent library pass. Those rewarded were;

Maisie (Year 7) – 2,641,643 words (read the Hunger Games trilogy, the Mortal Instruments series and the Slated trilogy)

Minna (Year 9) – 2,352,120 words (read the Harry Potter, the Maze Runner and the Diary of Wimpy Kid series’ as well as some classics like Dracula and Gone with the Wind)

Emma (Year 9) – 1,466,225 words (enjoys reading Teri Terry and Ally Carter books)

Hallie (Year 9) – 1,236,546 words (read dystopian novels and thrillers – the Divergent and the Hunger Games series, Holly Jackson and Karen McManus books)

Rugile (Year 9) – 1, 045,986 words (loves thrillers – read the Darkest Minds series)

Halle (Year 7) – 919,394 words (read the Heartstopper and the Hunger games series as well as Holly Jackson’s “Good Girl” thrillers)

“At Saint Paul’s we recognise the importance of instilling a love of reading in every student.,” explained Mrs Savova, Librarian. “There is clear evidence that improving literacy levels in young people goes a long way to boosting their career opportunities in the future and it has been inspirational to see the impact our reading programme has had.”