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When your child accepts a place at Saint Paul’s Catholic High School, you and your family become part of a very special community; which has Christ at its centre. The Chaplaincy is here to enrich this community by ensuring the core gospel values of love, compassion, stewardship, respect and service are at the centre of all our relationships and activities.

Here at Saint Pauls, we nurture those who are within our school family. We pray each day in our forms and focus on trying to develop our understanding of our own faiths. Leading by example, each staff member within our school community is determined to live out the Gospel values through committing to support our young people. We place importance on Catholic Social Teaching, and value the dignity of the human being; and fulfill our duties as Catholic practioners, by building our children up throughout their time here at Saint Pauls, to then become well rounded and ambitious young adults as they leave Year 11.

We offer opportunities for our students to put their faith into action through charity work and involvement in the Youth SVP group. We also offer opportunities for our students to practise their faith at certain times of the year.

We see it as vitally important that students get the opportunity to encounter faith and prayer from a different perspective through a retreat experience. With Covid restrictions now allowing for gatherings, we have began to reintroduce our retreats for our KS3 students. We look forward to continuing to work with our students to build and foster lasting relationships with their peers that will last a lifetime, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Our parishes have been pleased with the popularity of last years Sacrament of Confirmation, and invite those in our school to come and join us this year to start on your journey with the Church.

Don’t worry if you are unsure. It can be daunting thinking about becoming confirmed, but its lots of fun and you can meet lots of new people from all around Wythenshawe during our meetings! We play lots of games, and eat lots of pizza!

If you or your child would like to sign up for the Sacrament and the preparation course then please contact your parish. Alternatively, speak to Mr Kilburn at school, and he can give you some more details.

Young people interested in being Confirmed (from Year 7 – 11) are also invited to join the Youth Group EXITE, which meets at Sacred Heart. This is a youth group within the Church that get together and play games and socialise. For more information, contact your parish or speak with Mr Kilburn at school.


New Saints Form Groups

For the academic year 2022-2023, Saint Paul’s has introduced new Saints for the form groups.

At Saint Paul’s we find it important to have role models for all within our school community. With this in mind, nine new Catholic Saints have been selected to represent the students who are within our school. We believe that students should see role models that they themselves can find similarities with.

We hope that our new Saints inspire our students to be the best that they can be and continue the work of the Holy Spirit with the Wythenshawe community and beyond.


Schools Come Together for MiniDASH

Students from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School joined with students from other schools in the Diocese to take part in the Mini DASH (Diocesan Association of Secondary Head teachers) meeting which is organised by the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

The meeting is for Head Teachers and a selection of students also attend to meet with students from other Catholic schools and take part in various activities related to their faith.

The meeting for the students is held at the same time as the secondary head teachers of the Diocese of Shrewsbury meet together. Students were able to share and discuss a wide variety of ideas and suggestions and were encouraged to take the ideas back to their own schools, passing them on and developing them.

Harrison Kilburn, Chaplain at Saint Paul’s, commented: “Mr Whiteside and I took five students, who are part of the schools Youth SVP group, to Chester where they participated in a Diocese wide school event. This was our first in person Mini DASH event for over two years, as we have had to break due to Covid, which made the event extra special.

Our schools had the opportunity to celebrate Mass with our Bishop, Bishop Mark, which also added to the excitement of the day. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and look forward to the events that will take place next year.

The students had the opportunity to mix with other students within our Diocese which we have missed with Covid. The students were able to properly experience meeting others from around the Shrewsbury Diocese which was really good to see, and they loved every second of it!”

“At the Mini DASH the students engaged in themed collaborative activities and then fed-back what they had discussed and learned to the heads,” explained Mr Mike Whiteside, Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “The day was extremely uplifting and it was an excellent opportunity for the students to mix with students from different schools. The students were able to get together and share their thoughts and ideas. “


Year 7 Retreat Days

July 2022

Our Year 7 students had the opportunity this July to participate in retreat day activities at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre. The events, which took place on 04/07/2022 and 06/07/2022, were a huge success with the students enjoying fun and games as a bonding retreat and a celebration of a successful first year at St Paul’s.

The students had to work collaboratively to build free standing structures out of toothpicks and sweets, which tested their abilities to work collaboratively as a team.

We then finished off our day with prayer and reflection time. We focused our reflection on the Gospel, and in particular the parable of Good Samaritan, which Jesus taught in order to show that we should help all, and not let our prejudices get in the way of being helpful to those in need.

Harrison Kilburn comments: The children really enjoyed their day at the lifestyle centre and I believe that it helped them to recognise that we are better when we are working together.

September 2022

Prayer, Reflection and Team Building for Saint Paul’s Students!

Students from Saint Paul’s were offered an opportunity to step away from their busy lives and enjoy some quiet space for team building, reflection and prayer when they recently spent a day on retreat. The Year 7 students were able reflect on their faith and look more closely at their relationship with God as well as with their peers.

The theme for the retreat was “belonging” and the students looked at how they and others contribute to this. They engaged in a number of group-based activities exploring the theme and focusing on its impact in school, the home the local community and in the wider world. “Belonging” is the school’s core focus for the Autumn half term.

The students explored the theme through a number of activities including building midget gem structures to show the importance of team work and co-operation, and then wrote personal prayers. They gained inspiration for their prayers by reflecting on the teachings of Our Lord. The students also listened to The Parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke’s Gospel, and designed posters on our new form Saints.

The children found the value in working together, and saw the lesson within the parable will reflect on their journey through Saint Paul’s – be like the Samaritan, and help those in need wherever we can.

Mr Harrison Kilburn, Lay Chaplain at Saint Paul’s, said: “The retreat offered many bonding opportunities for the Year 7 students whilst at the same time providing a time for reflection and peace. The retreat is seen by the school as an integral part of the life-long faith formation of young people. The students withdraw from the ordinary activities of the school for a period of time to be with God in prayer and reflection.”

“We all need the space and the silence to reflect; it can help us begin to sense a deeper truth about ourselves,” explained Mr Nathan Mallon, Year 7 Progress Leader. “The retreat gave us the opportunity, not only to reflect upon our goals and ambitions and how everyone’s faith supports us in achieving these, but also a chance to get to know each other better.”

Mr Mike Whiteside, Deputy Headteacher, said: “The retreat is a spiritual exercise which provides the opportunity for our pupils to deepen their relationship with God, with others and with themselves, through reflection and prayer.”


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