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We look forward to welcoming you to Saint Paul’s and we’re excited to get to know you over the next 5 years in your journey through Secondary school.

We know that starting secondary school can be both an exciting but uncertain time for you and we want to do what we can to help you through the move from primary to secondary school. There’s no reason to be worried or scared; we know that these are perfectly normal feelings that everyone gets before you move you your new school.

We have a wonderful pastoral system, which allows us to get to know and support you very well, and our pastoral staff are on hand to help and guide you through your daily life here at Saint Paul’s. We pride ourselves – both staff and students – in the friendly and polite atmosphere that we all help create, our smart appearance and the good relationships that we have developed with each other and in the community.

The following staff are here for you during this transition period and beyond.

Year 7 Parent’s Guide

Year 7 Transition Booklet

Mr. N Malon

Mr. N Malon

Year 7 Progress Leader

Mr C Fannon

Mr C Fannon


Mr. J Casey

Mr. J Casey

Pastoral Assistant for Year 7

The above staff and your Progress Tutors will support you through your first year with us here at Saint Paul’s and will welcome you to the Year 7 intake evening in July where you will meet your form tutor and class mates.

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