A Visit to the People’s History Museum

A group of students from Saint Paul’s visited the People’s History Museum in Manchester as part of their GCSE History studies.

The People’s History Museum in Manchester is the national museum of democracy. The museum aims to engage, inspire and inform diverse audiences by showing ‘there have always been ideas worth fighting for’.

As part of the Year 10 History GCSE, the History department organised a visit for the students to the museum which covers the vast majority of a module of their GCSE (Power and the People). The students were able to expand their learning by exploring in much greater depth areas of the syllabus such as the Chartists and the Suffragettes.


Mr James Buchan, History teacher, explained: “The Year 10 students are studying the abstract concept of power as part of their History GCSE and the People’s History Museum helped them to visualise this concept. The students attended live action shows, were able to handle and explore real life artefacts and see the many links with the local community. The students visited the museum as they approached the end of the module so it was an excellent summary for them.”

“The students showed a great deal of interest and enthusiasm in the subject and their behaviour during the trip was exemplary. They were extremely engaged with the exhibits and talks – it brought their learning to life!”

Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher, added: “It was fantastic for the students to see their classroom learning coming to life as they explored the museum. Visits like these provide a very valuable experience for our students and enhance the learning curriculum. This was a wonderful visit which provided masses of inspiration; the visit provided a unique opportunity for our students to produce primary research to support their classwork.”