Be Internet Citizens

Our Year 9 student ambassadors enjoyed taking part in YouTube’s Be Internet Citizens event – a programme to help young people aged 13 to 15 develop their media literacy. The programme helps teens learn the skills and attitudes that will help them thrive and make the most of opportunities online.

The event brought multiple secondary school pupils across the borough together to participate in various interactive activities. Pupils learnt the importance of Digital Citizenship with a focus on topics such as online bias, fake news and emotional manipulation.

YouTube and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue want a safe and exciting web where young people can be creative, express themselves and belong. Be Internet Citizens has been designed to teach teenagers about media literacy, critical thinking and digital citizenship, with the aim of encouraging young people to have a positive voice online. The programme provides a strong foundation, empowering them with the confidence to become producers of online content, where they can express their identities, share their stories, make a social impact, and bring communities together.