Crime Prevention Day

Students at Saint Paul’s took part in some thought-provoking and extremely valuable sessions with CELLS (Choices, education, lifelong learning skills) as part of their ITSUP2U Initiative. CELLS’  awareness sessions offer a proactive approach to crime prevention and reducing offending.

CELLS relies a great deal on the testimony of people who have been affected by crime to relay their experience to youngsters as a deterrent. These testimonies are fundamental in the success of their awareness and prevention strategy.

CELLS’ primary objective is to educate children and young people on the consequences of crime. Enabling them an informed choice and encouraging them to understand personal responsibility and embrace positive diversionary alternatives, including recreational and vocational activity.






Topic covered:

1) Gun Gang and Knife Crime
2) Controlling & Exploitative Relationships inc CCE, CSE, County Lines, Grooming & overall manipulation
3) Drugs and Alcohol
4) Prison and Prison Life (& Sweatbox)
5) Family Perspective
6) Victim Impact
7) Stop and Search
8) Peer Pressure and Bullying
9) Hate crime