Dr Frost Maths Leaderboard

A message from Mrs Smith:

“As we continue our remote learning journey, it is evident that an increasing number of you are working on Dr Frost to practise your maths skills. This is fantastic to see.

Our competition runs from a Monday to a Sunday, so why not spend some time on Dr Frost and try to gain one of the top three places in your year?”

Here are last week’s winners:
Year 7: Lewis 7XMa3, Emma 7XMa2, Lucas 7YMa1

Year 8: Alex 8XMa1, Taia 8YMa2, Liam 8YMa2

Year 9: Reanne 9XMa4, Ellie 9XMa4, Zane 9XMa4

Year 10: Binoya 10XMa4, Bryme 10XMa1, Hayden 10XMa1

Year11: Samson 11XMa1, Cameron 11XMa1, Ryan 11XMa1