Dr Frost Maths Leaderboard

A message from Mrs Smith:
Happy Holidays Everybody! There seems to have been a real shift in our Dr Frost Leaderboard over the past week. A lot of new names have crept into the top three for each year, which is lovely to see. 
If you have spare time during the holidays, then why not complete any outstanding work that you have on Dr Frost? Or you could have a go at achieving some Topic Medals? The competition will run over half term and there are lots of prizes to be won. All of us in Team Maths wish you a lovely break. 
Dr Frost Leaders 31st January – 7th February: 
Year 7: Connor 7XMa3, Cristiano 7XMa3, Kian 7XMa3
Year 8: Alex 8XMa1, Kaitlin 8YMa2, Taia 8YMa2
Year 9: Zach 9XMa1, Laura 9XMa1, Reanne 9XMa4, Kamille 9XMa4
Year 10: Erika 10XMa1, Haiden 10XMa1, Isabelle 10XMa1
Year 11: Ryan 11XMa1, Leon 11XMa3,  Finlay 11XMa1