Forum Library Trip

A group of Year 8 and Year 9 pupils were invited to attend a visit to The Forum Library in Wythenshawe.

At the library the group took part in a Youth and protest BFI (British Film Institute) session. The students watched a selection of clips on the BFI: Replay around youth culture/protests (BFI Replay features 1000s of films, television programmes and videos from the past from the British Film Institute. 60 years of screen stories are digitised and preserved.)

The clips they watched were from the last 60 years and included the 1980s Miner’s strike, 1960s anti-nuclear weapons protest and local protests about the lack of skateboarding facilities.


Afterwards, the students were involved in a discussion of issues raised from watching the clips. The students then identified issues they felt need to change and designed a campaign to raise awareness.

The students were really engaged during the session and came up with some brilliant ideas for their campaigns – from cake sales and circular march around Wythenshawe to uniting all football fans in Manchester and marching from Old Trafford to the Etihad stadium dressed in purple T-shirts (blue + red = purple).