Results and Performance Tables

Results and Performance Tables

Congratulations to our year 11 pupils on their GCSE results

Pupils and staff at St Paul’s have reason to celebrate the latest GCSE results. The school saw year 11 achieve some good results with a number of pupils achieving the top grades in the country.

64% of pupils at St Paul’s achieved a Grade 4 or better in English with 43% achieving a Grade 5 in English. In total 43% of pupils achieved a Grade 4 in English and Maths. Similarly in Art 74% of pupils achieved a Grade 4 or better with 80% achieving Grade 4 and above in Food Technology.

Thirteen St Paul’s pupils achieved Grade 9 in a variety of subjects including Art, English Literature, English Language, History, Italian, Religion, Polish and Spanish placing them amongst the highest performing students in the country. One pupil achieved six Grade 9s which is an extraordinary achievement.

Our year 11 pupils who have worked hard, every day, to make their success a reality should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved. These results are a testament to the incredible young people of St Paul’s. My thanks go to all staff for their hard work and on-going commitment and to the parents of our children for their support.

We wish all our year 11 pupils success in their future careers.

Mr A Hren (Headteacher)