Inspiring Sport and Medical Scientists

Sport and Medical Science is the subject to be explored by students from Saint Paul’s who are to take part in a Sports and Medical Science Week, a celebration of the links between science, sport and medicine.

The objective of the Year 9 Sport and Medical Science Week are to explore some of the upcoming GCSE content allowing pupils to see the links between Science and advances in the field of medicine.

The projects aims to link some of the practical skills which the pupils have learned in their Science studies to the ‘real world’ and potential medical related careers they could pursue.

Pupils will use their investigative skills to evaluate substances used to control microbes as well as learning about anti-doping in sports. They will also be given information relating to careers in scientific research and healthcare.

Miss Charlotte Dewhurst, Lead Practitioner of Science, said: “The week’s programme aims to inspire the next generation of medical scientists with fun and participative activities. The activities will highlight how science relates to our everyday lives. In addition to exploring future medical related careers, a health science project such as this can be a great way to engage students in learning about how the human body works, and how the students can maintain good health. This can be an important investment for the remainder of their lives.”

Miss Dewhurst added: “There will be lots of exciting activities happening throughout our school. We are very keen to inspire and engage the students in the wonder and excitement of Science and Medicine.”