On Wednesday 9th March 2022, England Football and Barclays put on the biggest EVER football session for girls in school! We supported this at Saint Paul’s with a range of activities including hosting a mini tournament for the KS3 girls’ squad against St Antony’s, St James and BTH after school on Wednesday evening.

Our aim was to have as many young girls playing football in one session. Each team played four games across the tournament.

Alex Brooks, the goalkeeper for Blackburn Rovers was in attendance to meet with the young girls and inspire the new generation of footballers.

Ms Sophie Carter, PE teacher at Saint Paul’s, said: “It was a fantastic evening and everyone was in high spirits and very keen to take part. Alex Brooks, an ex-Saint Paul’s pupil who now plays Goalkeeper for Blackburn Rover, came along to add her support and was a great inspiration to the girls. I was so proud of the Saint Paul’s team, they all showed great teamwork, determination and positivity.”

The winners of the Tournament were BTH with a fantastic result of 10 points.

Following this, we will be taking a trip on Sunday 3rd April to watch the Manchester United Ladies Match.

Mr Mike Whiteside, Deputy Headteacher, said: “It’s time to take a stand, to make a difference for girls to play football – one simple message #LetGirlsPlay!”

By 2024, The FA’s and Barclays ambition is for girls to have the same football opportunities as boys in schools and clubs. #LetGirlsPlay is a campaign to drive influence and change perceptions, showing that football can and should be played by girls. It is bringing together a growing community of people of all genders, ages and backgrounds who want to champion equal access for girls, helping create independent, resilient young girls who will be a force for good in all local communities.