Music to their Ears!

Students from Saint Paul’s are involved in a composition project with the Northern Chamber Orchestra and the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) funded by Greater Manchester Higher.

In the first part of the project students have put together a composition alongside members of the Northern Chamber Orchestra. This composition will be performed with the Northern Chamber Orchestra in a concert at the RNCM in January and this forms the third part.

The second part of the project is a visit, concert and careers fair at the RNCM which will take place in November.



“We are raising aspirations, developing teamwork, listening, composition and performance skills,” commented Mr Tim Jackson, Head of Music.

“The students have enjoyed the project so far and it has opened many ears, and eyes, to wonderful and different kinds of music.”

“Our students are witnessing and experiencing new kinds of music and are finding it a fascinating experience which they are thoroughly enjoying,” commented Headteacher, Mr Alex Hren. “I’m looking forward to seeing how what they learnt transfers into their production, their music and their studies.”