Pan-African Poetry Workshop at Saint Paul’s

A group of Year 9 pupils from Saint Paul’s took part in a Pan-African Poetry and Literature Workshop which was held at the school.

In the workshop, the pupils explored a legacy of writers, past and present, gaining knowledge of some of the inspirational black authors and linguists who have shaped modern-day storytelling as we know it.

The workshop was delivered by practicing Black artists living in Manchester who took a creative approach to inform, inspire and engage the pupils in debate.


“It was a very inspiring and uplifting event where the pupils were able to learn about Black poetic themes, styles and techniques,” explained Mrs Maria Evans, Head of English. “The workshop allowed the pupils to enhance their appreciation of the extraordinary range and richness of the Pan-African American poetic tradition.”

Mrs Irena Savova, the school’s librarian, added: “The Year 9 pupils were able to expand their skills in writing whilst gaining more understanding of important Pan-African histories.”

“Thank you to Manchester Libraries and Big People Music for organising this event for us and highlighting the importance and creativity of Pan-African poetry,” said Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher. “The session exploring many aspects of Pan-African experience and culture was very successful with some students complaining when the session was over – it certainly sparked their enthusiasm!”