Reading Rewarded at Saint Paul’s

A group of dedicated readers from Saint Paul’s were rewarded for their enthusiastic and positive attitude to reading by being invited to a Pizza Party in the school library.

Saint Paul’s wants to encourage their pupils to make reading a regular part of their routine whether they’re reading solo or together with their classmates, parents, or friends. The school wants to help them to develop a life-long love of reading. It is very important to instil in young people a need and desire to read.

All the English teachers were impressed with the students’ commitment to reading – the whole school word count increased dramatically the second half term. The students read about 6,000,000 words in September and October, whereas the word count for November and December was 35,000,000!

The best reader in Year 7 is Masie with 2,094,999 words. She’s read the Hunger Games trilogy, the Mortal Instruments series and the Slated trilogy.
The best reader in Year 8 is Jamie with 415,565 words who is a fan of the Harry Potter series.

The best reader in Year 9 is Emma with 1,054,270 words. She enjoys reading Teri Terry and Ally Carter books.

Ms Irena Savova, the school Librarian, explained: “We wanted to promote reading and encourage all students to read – so, there were two conditions in the competition. Firstly, everybody in the class must have passed a quiz (they had to work as a team and support the weaker readers). And, secondly, the pupils had to strive to read as many words as they could (to stretch the good readers and improve the reading skills of the weaker ones). The classes in each year group, who had read most words won the pizza party award.”

“We are very keen to encourage reading and the joy of books at Saint Paul’s; we have some extremely avid readers. Rewards like the Pizza Party recognise the pupils’ dedication and interest and have a very positive effect upon their behaviour and encourage them to read more.”

Mr Jamie Sharrock, English Teacher, commented: “We are enjoying promoting reading across the school and seeing the benefits and pleasures of this. We believe that treats like this encourage and inspire our pupils to achieve the best they can. It is always a great pleasure rewarding those pupils who have worked so hard throughout the term.”

Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher, said: “The more students read, and the more challenging their reading is, the more successful they will become in all subject areas and ultimately in life. This has been well researched over the years.”