Saint Paul’s at Cambridge University

Pupils from Saint Paul’s visited Cambridge University to learn more about what life there has to offer. The visit was supported by GM Higher who are working with the school to create aspirational opportunities for the pupils.

The university visit gave the pupils the opportunity to explore for themselves what university life is really like. They were able to tour the university, take part in some group activities and talk to students who are currently studying at the university.

The aim of the visit was to raise the aspirations and motivation of the pupils by showing them the benefits of progressing to university whilst at the same time enjoying themselves and having fun.

One Year 10 pupil explained: “Cambridge University is somewhere that all students would have such a good time and experience. Cambridge was a great experience for all the pupils that visited because we got to see what our future could be. We got to look around the campus and separate colleges. Going to Cambridge has challenged all the pupils involved to push themselves further to the best of our potential.”

“Cambridge is a beautiful place, it is more like a wonderland. I hope I can become a student there one day.”
“Our pupils really appreciated the opportunity to visit Cambridge University,” commented Ms Sherilyn Hitchen, PSHE and Careers Coordinator. “The pupils were able to spend time attending presentations, working in groups and talking to the university students to get a real life view of what time at university is really like.”

“Visits such as these give a taste of university life and allow our pupils to explore some of the possibilities open to them,” said Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher . “We hope that this will inspire and motivate them to think about their future career ambitions.”