Saint Paul’s Prefects

Saint Paul’s is delighted with the way its new team of prefects have settled into their important roles showing great leadership and positive attitude..

The role of the prefects at Saint Paul’s is to make the school a better place, through their actions, their words, their encouragement of others (or, when necessary, cautionary words to others!), and the advice they offer to the staff. Saint Paul’s sees the role as a significant post of leadership and responsibility.

One of the prefects commented: “It is an honour to be elected as a prefect, knowing that your teachers and peers have the confidence in you to perform such an important role. I get a sense of pride and enjoyment from this role. It raises my self-esteem and makes me feel valued by both students and staff alike.”

“Our prefects play a vital role in setting the tone for the school, influencing attitudes and providing a link between pupils and adults in the school,” explained Mr Tim Harris, Year 11 Progress Leader. “We believe that it is an important part of a teenager’s development to take on a range of responsibilities. We also seek to provide opportunities for developing organisational, communicative and leadership skills. The school’s Prefect system allows the students to take part in the day-to-day running of the school and to work closely with younger members of the school community. The concepts of service to the school community and personal development are integral to the Prefectorial system at Saint Paul’s.”

“Not only do the prefects serve as role models – they are also empowered to mentor, guide and help those younger than themselves, enabling them to succeed in all aspects of their educational experience,” commented Mr Mike Whiteside, Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “They are true leaders in every facet of school life. Our prefects help determine future directions and focuses for Saint Paul’s as a whole.”