Saint Paul’s Students Enjoy Mini DASH

Students from Saint Paul’s joined together with multiple high schools within the Shrewsbury Diocese for a Mini-Dash event.

Our day was spent focussed on the ecumenical theme for Creation Time: 2021: A Home For All; Renewing the Oikos of God.

We look at St Francis’ call for us to take care of our common home and to focus on the “cry of the poor”, who live on the streets of our cities and towns.

Our activity for today was to create a shelter for a homeless person to show the difficulties of life on the streets as well as showing that we are compassionate towards our brothers and sisters who are in the unfortunate position of being on the streets. Trying to build a shelter showed us just how hard it is to a build shelter for ourselves and helped us to reflect on the difficulties those living on the streets face on a day to day basis.

We loved our day and look forward to meeting up again with other schools for Mini-Dash in the near future.