Stimulating Minds at Saint Paul’s!

The Science Club at Saint Paul’s has been designed to spark inspiration and to foster long-term interest in Science. The Club gives the opportunity for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils to explore the wonders of science in a stimulating and engaging environment.

The activities are great fun and very popular with the pupils. Recently, the pupils have been making “slime” and mocking up erupting volcanoes.

“The pupils attending the Science Club are curious about science and enjoy the hands-on approach we encourage,” explained Mrs Daniella Murray, Science Teacher. “It is a pleasure to spend time with these pupils who are so positive. We have seen improvements in practical skills, self-confidence and thinking skills of those pupils who attend the club.”

Mrs Murray added: “Science is central to our lives and we try hard to make it an interesting and fun subject to learn. At the club, we explore a wide variety of scientific topics making them as entertaining as possible.”

Mr Stephen McMahon, Head of Science, said: “The Science Club has been designed to excite the pupils about science and to stretch and challenge their thinking. The pupils are actively involved in the experiments, making it much more fun and relevant to them.”



“The Science Club plays an important role in helping to inspire our young people to be the scientists of tomorrow,” commented Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher . “It is an effective way of enriching and extending the curriculum taught in the classroom. We have tapped into our pupils’ interests and demonstrated to them the relevance of Science to life outside school.”