Students Look at Careers in Health

Students from Saint Paul’s recently took part in a ‘Careers in Health’ Workshop led by the Medical Mavericks team through Manchester Higher.

Medical Mavericks aim to provide inspiration to raise aspirations and to show students the opportunities they have in front of them. The students learnt a great deal from their excellent ‘Careers in Health’ workshop where they got to experience many medical and in depth scientific tests to understand their own physiology and anatomy.

It was a hands on workshop where the students had a go at taking blood from a fake arm, recording and printing an ECG, looking inside their body with an ultrasound machine and take a picture of the inside of their eye! At the same time, the workshop introduced a wide range of careers in the NHS to the students.

Tom Warrender from Medical Mavericks said: “Everything we do is about opportunity. We are opening the door to the world around the students we see, just enough so they can get a tantalising taste that will drive their ambition and inspire them to find out more.”

Ms Sherilyn Hitchen, PSHE and Careers Coordinator, commented: “The content of the workshop was very good and really engaged our pupils. Our students had a wonderful day with the team from Medical Mavericks and learnt a lot about the medical world. As well as informing the students about careers in the health sector, they were probably not aware existed, it gave them such an insight into healthcare generally – and into maintaining their own health.”

“The Medical Mavericks team tailored the day to the individual needs of our students and provided clear guidance and instructions on the activities themselves and future careers in health and sports science. The students commented on how much fun the day had been and how they have been inspired to explore future careers in the medical and sports science world. The day was enjoyable and extremely engaging.”

Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher, said: “We are very grateful to Medical Mavericks for this opportunity. The students found the workshop extremely inspiring and enjoyable and gained a great deal of information to support their studies.”