Summer Reading Bingo

We are delighted to launch our 2023 Summer Reading Bingo for all students here at Saint Paul’s Catholic High School.

Research shows that reading for pleasure has a significant impact on attainment across the curriculum, and reading during the summer will help to prevent what is known as the ‘summer slide’. Reading is also brilliant for boosting confidence, for developing empathy and for escaping into fictional worlds.

The Summer Reading Bingo challenge is one of many initiatives we offer to students. The goal is to read as many books as possible that fit into different categories. Each book can only be counted towards one category, even if it might fit into several categories. Students need to write a brief review of each book they read (on paper or typed); they also need to write their name, form group and the category the book fits into. They will then give their book reviews to their form tutor in September, and will receive an Achievement Point and a raffle ticket for each book they have read. We will draw raffle tickets in late September and these students will participate in a ‘lucky dip’ prize event.

Students will receive a paper copy of the Summer Reading Bingo challenge, and it will also be sent to all students via their school email.

Audio books count for the challenge (and lots of these are free from public libraries). It would be wonderful to listen to a book as a family if you are travelling during the summer. Please note that one of the categories is ‘a book that your parent/carer read as a child’, so you might reread a book from your childhood with your child!