Supporting Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day is coming up on Thursday 17 June with the theme “Protect our children’s health from air pollution”. Thousands of people up and down the country will be coming together to show support for better air quality by holding events, making pledges and taking action to help clean up our air. Saint Paul’s is encouraging as many parents and children as possible to ditch the car for the day and do the school run under your own steam – by either walking, biking, scooting!

Children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution. It not only impacts their health but also their ability to learn. The damage can start in the womb and carry on through to old age. So as we start making more journeys, we want to take this opportunity to help create a clean air environment where they can learn and play safely.

We’d love you to join in by walking, cycling or scooting your children to school on the day. If you have to drive, please try parking away from the school gates and walking the rest of the way. Whatever you do, please don’t leave your car engine running outside school or along the school route. Please follow @CleanAirGM on Facebook and Twitter and share your Clean Air Day activities on social media using #GMCleanAirDay and mentioning @CleanAirGM.