The Magic of Whole School Reading

Staff and students at Saint Paul’s take part in whole school reading every Wednesday during form time, a great way to get everyone in school reading!

The aim of the sessions is to encourage and develop the students’ enjoyment of reading. The students can bring in their own books or borrow a book from the school library where there were many award winning books to choose from ranging from chillers and thrillers to war stories, drama and comedy.

“We are enjoying promoting reading across the school and seeing the benefits and pleasures of this,” explained Mrs Maria Evans, Head of English. “We know that students who read, gain a greater understanding of the world in which they live, they learn to appreciate how writers use language for effect and they extend their repertoire of vocabulary. The more students read, and the more challenging their reading is, the more successful they will become in all subject areas and ultimately in life. This of course has been well researched over the years.”

“To highlight the importance of reading in our school community and encourage our students to read for pleasure, we tell our students and staff to put aside all distractions and enjoy books together,” said Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher. “The sessions are very successful with some students complaining when their reading time was over – we certainly sparked their enthusiasm for reading and books.”