Welcoming the new Year 7s

Staff, students, parents and friends of Saint Paul’s joined together to welcome to the school the new Year 7 students and their parents/carers and their families.

The school sees the Welcome Mass as an extremely important part of the Year 7 Induction process which includes introducing the new intake to learning, pastoral and faith.

Each form created a poster to represent their form saint and the value of Love which is the value attached to Year 7. Two members of every form displayed their poster at the beginning of Mass and said a little bit about it to everyone present. The Music department and very talented students lead the music. After the Mass all of the Year 7 tutors had the opportunity to meet the parents, carers and families.

“The Mass to welcomes the Year 7 students and their families into the Saint Paul’s community. It’s lovely to see the effort and enthusiasm of those students involved and for them to share such a special event with their families and friends.” explained Mrs Breeda Stuart, Head of RE. “The Year 7 Welcome Mass provided a wonderful opportunity to reflect. The atmosphere was amazing; it was a truly uplifting experience.”

“The Year 7 retreat days were preparation for the celebration mass which was the conclusion and culmination of the induction programme. The theme of their retreats was friendships and how they can continue to develop the friendships they will forge in Year 7 as they continue their journeys into adult life. Fr Michael made frequent references to the theme of friendship and the gospel reading was centred around this.”

“It was a wonderful service, all Year 7 students and their families were invited. All the youngsters enthusiastically joined in making valuable contributions to the service,” said Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher. “The service is a special time for the Year 7 students, parents and staff to share in welcoming the new students to the school.”