Year 7 and 11 – What to expect on the first day 4/9/18

Welcome to Year 7

Welcome back to Year 11

We hope you are as excited to get started as we are, here is just a bit of what you can expect on your first day


8:40 The school day begins

New year 7 students will go to the main hall to be welcomed and be introduced to their forms by Mr Mallon and Mrs Cropper

Year 11 students will meet Mr Harrington and Mr Pyatt in the Sports Hall to be introduced to their forms

8:40 – 10:20 Assembly and Form Time

Students will spend time in their form groups and will attend an assembly with their Progress Leaders and Senior Staff

10:20 Morning Break

10:40 Normal school timetable begins

13:10 Lunch

Information around school lunches can be found here

15:05 End of the school day

The school day is typically separated in to 9 periods (including registration) and 2 break periods (including lunch). The majority of lessons will span 2 of these periods (double lessons of 1hr 20 mins).

The school day runs from 8:40 am to 3:05 pm Mon – Friday (excluding Wednesday), Wednesday runs 8:40 am to 2:50 pm with an altered time table. Details of this day will be included in the students timetable.

Students will be expected to come to school in uniform with appropriate equipment for a day at school. Students should also bring their PE kits on the first day. The schools rules on uniform can be found here.