Maths – Dr Frost Leaderboard

A message from Mrs Smith:
If you are keen to improve your key skills in maths, why not try Dr Frost? There are lots of activities to choose from, so you can find one that really suits you.
Your maths teacher can see the progress that you are making and can set you specific challenges.
If you haven’t already got a Dr Frost login, email you class teacher, Mr Seddon or me for the details.
Of course, we will also have a weekly competition to see who is achieving the most points.
This week’s leaderboard is: 
#1 Binoya Year 10   1892 Points
#2 Cameron Year 11 1286 Points
#3 Ryan Year 11 1175 Points
#4 Bryme Year 10 1004 Points
#5 Leon Year 11 985 Points
#6 Kirsty Year 11 823 Points
#7 Jessica Year 11 764 Points
#8 Devonte  Year 11 754 Points
#9 Haiden Year 10 681 Points
#10 Maja Year 11 571 Points
Can you gain a place in the top ten?
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
Team Maths 🙂