Mathematician of the Week

Each week we celebrate the efforts and achievements of those who work hard and effectively in their Maths lessons.

A message from Mrs Smith: 
“It hasn’t been easy to choose our Mathematicians of the Week this week. We are all impressed by the brilliant effort that a lot of you are putting into your Maths work. Looking at Dr Frost, I can see that some are even doing extra practice in their spare time. I promise that you will really see the benefits of your hard work when we return to school.”


The Mathematicians of the Week, week commencing 1st February 2021, are:

Year 7 Wiktor 7yma1 and Elsie 7xma2
Year 8 Emily 8xma2 and Fellonie 8yma4
Year 9 Chloe 9xma2 and Chloe 9yma3
Year 10 Ruva 10xma4 and Chloe 10yma3
Year 11 Caitlyn 11xma3 and Patricia 11yma1