New Breakfast Club

Saint Paul’s is relaunching its Breakfast Club for the students on Monday 11th October – all pupils are welcome to come along and enjoy a free breakfast.

The club is part of the Saint Paul’s healthy eating initiative, which aims to emphasise the importance of healthy eating to its students.

The school believes that the Breakfast Club meets a variety of important needs: it meets children’s health needs by providing a balanced meal at the beginning of the day, it meets educational needs in terms of ensuring children start the school day on time, feeling well-nourished and settled and at the same time it meets the needs of children and their families through the provision of a safe, supervised environment before school starts.

“Research has shown that a successful breakfast club can have a positive impact on attendance and improve concentration levels,” explained Mr Chris Fannon, Assistant Headteacher. “They can see at the club how healthy foods can be used to make enjoyable meals and snacks.”

“Pupils can attend the Breakfast Club, which is located opposite the library, then they can come into the library to do their homework or access the many books or games we have available. A fantastic start to the day!” said Mrs Irena Savova, Librarian.