Year 7 Welcome Service

Staff, students, parents and friends of Saint Paul’s Catholic High School, Wythenshawe, joined together to welcome to the school the new Year 7 students and their parents/carers and their families.

The school sees the Welcome Mass as an extremely important part of the Year 7 Induction process which includes introducing the new intake to learning, pastoral and faith.

The Welcome Service, led by Father Owen Gallagher, looked closely at a portion of scripture from St Paul’s letter to the Romans, which focused on belonging, a central belief we hold with the upmost importance at Saint Paul’s.

“Our new Year 7s joined together to celebrate their welcome service. As well as celebrating them starting their new journey at Saint Paul’s, we also honoured our close relationship with our faith and our core values,” explained Mr Harrison Kilburn, School Chaplain. “In forms, the Year 7s have been completing posters that commemorate their form’s saint and Year 7’s core value focus; love. Each form had representatives come to the front and present their posters to the families that were in attendance.”


“We finished by recognising that as well as belonging to our own Saint Paul’s community, we also belong to the Wythenshawe community. With this, a promotion on our current harvest appeal, which we hope will provide food and sanitary products to those in our community who are reliant on the food bank system in Wythenshawe.”

The evening was a huge success, with our form tutors able to meet informally with parents after our service had ended. We can’t wait for our next celebration…

“It was a wonderful service, all Year 7 students and their families were invited. All the youngsters enthusiastically joined in making valuable contributions to the service,” said Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher. “The service is a special time for the Year 7 students, parents and staff to share in welcoming the new students to the school.”