Saint Paul’s Got Talent

Talented students at Saint Paul’s took part in a virtual school talent show where they were able to showcase an array of amazing skills.

The Talent Show was a special and important event which gave the pupils a platform to showcase their variety of talents and an opportunity to develop both their performance skills and their confidence.

The school is looking forward to all the acts continuing to develop their performance skills, ready for the many other upcoming opportunities and events that the Performing Arts Department has in store. An exciting future full of inspiring young talent!

It was a tough decision for our students to make, every class in the school could only make one vote out of the 7 contestants.

After all the votes were counted, it was Rehoboth that was crowned the winner. Rehoboth displayed exceptional talent by not only singing a difficult song by Beyonce but also accompanying himself on the piano.

The staff at Saint Paul’s also voted for their winner, staff were so impressed with the confidence and talent displayed by Nalzino. Nalzino not only performed the rap, but he had also composed the beat and wrote the lyrics himself.