Space Exploration Week at Saint Paul’s!

The recent Perseverance mission to Mars was the theme explored by students from Saint Paul’s who recently took part in a Space Exploration Week, a celebration of the wonders of space.

The Year 7 students enjoyed a range of fun activities which were an excellent way of engaging them with science and supporting them in understanding our neighbours in the solar system – as well as worlds much further away.

Ms Dewhurst, Science teacher, said: “The objective of Space Exploration Week was to stimulate awe and wonder in our students through learning about the recent Perseverance mission to Mars. The week’s inspirational sessions aimed to inspire the next generation of scientists with fun and participative activities.”

“The project not only embeds the Key Stage 3 Universe topic but also covers the practical component of the Earth’s Structure topic, which has strong links to what the students have already learned in Geography this year.”