Wellbeing Club

Every Thursday at lunchtime, a group of pupils meet with a group of volunteers and youth workers to enjoy a range of activities to promote wellbeing, resilience and team building skills. Many of the activities are pupil initiated with the pupils planning what they want to do and link it to wellbeing.

We talk and discuss anything the pupils want to, whether it be issues or problems at home or school, any worries we might have and how to deal with them, and most importantly-what makes us happy!

The aim of our Wellbeing Club is to improve wellbeing and mental health and to promote a positive, safe and supportive environment in school, where pupils feel valued and respected.

In our Wellbeing Club, we will be learning about different feelings and emotions, and how to deal with these in a safe way. We are allowed to feel differently in certain situations and contexts, the main thing is thinking and having positive solutions in place, so we can be in control of ourselves.

If you are feeling sad, what can you do to make yourself feel better?

If you are feeling anxious, what could a positive solution be?

Share your feelings with others around you, speak about your emotions and ask for help and support if you need to. We are always here to help you.